Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the middle of the day, the children and I decide to take a trip to .... There aren't many children (school-aged) out, and we think nothing of it. Others around us take notice, and some are even curious enough to ask. "Taking the day off from school?" "We are homeschooled," is the default reply, used so much that it feels like it's rehearsed.

i like to say..life is our school. the world is our classroom.

no walls to hold us in, no bells to stop us in the middle of our exploring, no lists to tell us what we need to be learning. we follow our intuition, we listen to our inner voices, we explore and absorb the world around us. is there any better way to learn?

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  1. Creating a generation of critical thinkers who not only respond to their emotions but the physical environment around them is so important.
    Teaching our young to conceptualize,evaluate,analyze and assess information while drawing logical conclusions are important skills to acquire to guide moral behavior. I applaud you for educating our young to connect with life through their inner voices and applying it to the world around them.